about our psychology office
Are you anxious about your health or visits to the doctor? Finding ways to live with your health condition? Exploring your racial, ethnic. and/or cultural identity? We’re here to help. Whether you are a teen, adult, or older adult, we will help you to develop skills, find your new normal, and/or identify and move toward goals that align with your values. At Psychological Health and Wellness, Inc, we provide quality psychotherapy services that are designed to not only improve your emotional health but also overall well-being.

Qualified and compassionate professionals
One of the factors that contribute to success in therapy is qualified and compassionate professionals. All of our professionals have the necessary qualifications and experience. At the same time, we understand how important it is to work with someone who seeks to understand your perspective and with someone who you can trust when talking about your private thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We see it as an honor and privilege to hear your story and walk alongside you in your journey as you strive toward your therapeutic goals. We are invested in you and your health.